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Organic Products Good for your Health

Do you know what’s in your beauty products?

Probably not, but let’s do a rundown…

Your beauty products are filled with ingredients that do more harm than good. Beauty companies fill your favorite beauty products with harmful chemicals that can damage your skin and even internal organs and bodily functions. These dangerous chemicals are parabens, synthetic colors, formaldehyde, phthalates, and so many other harmful ingredients that can put your health in jeopardy over time. Sadly, many aren’t even aware of what these harmful ingredients are since they don’t educate themselves or read the labels.

You only get one body in life, so why sacrifice your health and well-being for some beauty products that are doing more harm than good. Right now, the whole organic thing is gaining traction in food, so why wouldn’t you want to do the same when it comes to your body? Your skin and beauty regime deserves only the best ingredients, which is exactly why you should use only organic beauty products. Throw out all your normal beauty products and start using certified-organics skincare and beauty products – your body will thank you for it! And if you’re still not convinced why you should switch over to organic products, here are some reasons why organic is the way to go…

They Are Better For the Environment

Organic beauty products aren’t just good for you but for the planet, too! When you are an eco-conscious person, you already know to do as much as you can to save the Earth and using organic beauty products is something simple that can make a huge impact. The packaging and waste from traditional beauty products can be harmful to the planet, but many organic beauty products take this into consideration and package their products using recycled plastics and more. And since they don’t use harmful chemicals, any waste won’t go down drains or in our oceans. Using organic beauty products helps minimize their environmental impact and you’ll feel better for helping out!


No Synthetic Fragrances

Fragrances on labels translate to synthetic fragrances, which contain loads of harmful chemicals. The FDA doesn’t require that companies actually state what’s used to make their fragrances, so you really don’t know what you’re getting. These synthetic fragrances can make your skin have an allergic reaction or even mess with its natural pH levels. Organic beauty products won’t have “fragrance” listed on their label and instead will list everything that makes up their fragrance formula individually.


Better For Your Health

Your skin is delicate and absorbs products quickly, which means what goes on it will eventually make its way into your body. So if you use beauty product filled with chemicals, those toxins will make its way to the inside of your body and can really mess with its functions. And many of those products have ingredients that have never been tested, so there’s no telling what sort of reactions your body will have to them. Organic beauty products are USDA-certified products that are regulated the same way as organic food, so that means nothing harmful is added in.


They Simply Work Better

Organic beauty products use only natural and beneficial ingredients that overall work better. Since they contain pure, simple and fresh ingredients, your body reaps the overall benefits!

They Complement a Healthy Lifestyle

If you’re trying to live your best life possible, you’re probably incorporating other things to stay healthy. Organic beauty products fit into this healthy lifestyle since it’s the final piece of the puzzle! You’re probably changing the way you eat, exercising, and out there trying to do things to better yourself and organic beauty product is just another way to commit to that healthy lifestyle.





13 thoughts on “Organic Products Good for your Health

  1. Thanks for this valuable information. I had no idea that what goes on our skin gets absorbed into our body. My partner is always putting things on her face (a lot of cheap Chinese products) so I think she needs to know this information. Who knows what her body is absorbing. I think organic products will be the better route. Thanks

  2. Hi Kele, Thank you for all this information. It was a beautifully written and explanations good. It is good to know just why we should be using organic products.
    All the very best, Jill

  3. I would that you use as your title ‘ ORGANIC PRODUCTS GOOD FOR HEALTH ‘ and then itemise and elaborate as subtitles the benefits it will generate, its pro and cons as in beauty, fragrance, nutrition etc as you already did and just a matter of rearranging it

  4. Hey
    I have a very dry skin, and i used to apply moisturizers cream. Its effect on my skin was temporary, i mean i had to use it almost 3-4 times in a day. But now i have switched to organic product and i see a lot of difference in my skin…i use it only once in a day and sometimes once in 2 days… I love organic products

    1. Hey Huzefa,

      I suffered from the same problem of dry skin, and our harsh weather conditions don’t help, so I first incorporated different oils into my routine by mixing my creams or moisturizers for better nourishment. The reason I switched to natural and organic products was for my dry skin and also for health reason. The products really work wonders for my skin. Am glad you love organic products because they are simply the best.

  5. Hi, thanks for the engaging and informative article! It resonates so well with me, I’m one who believes in all natural too! No chemicals, no synthetic products.

  6. I use very few beauty products these days but I wasn’t aware of all of those chemicals and toxins that are found in standard beauty products. It was a very informative article and I will definitely be using organic beauty products going forward – I want more of the good stuff going into my body for sure!

    1. Hi Anthea,

      There are a lot of banned chemicals in our personal care products and some parts of the world companies are not as regulated and they are really not forced to disclose and if they do disclose, consumers still don’t know all that jargon in the product labels. Please research this website and you will see, what the products have –

      I’m going to write about the bad chemicals in our personal care soon.

      Thanks, Kele

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