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Why less is definitely more in skincare?

I realized over the years that most people commended me on my beautiful skin and glow but the thing is,  I have never used a lot of products on my skin. Though like any other women out there am a beauty junkie, I love skincare products that really work and I love make-up. My skincare routine has always been simply but since am in my thirties, I have become more concerned about what I use, and if it’s effective.

The natural Switch

I have taken a conscious decision to switch to natural, eco and organic products that perform very well. The hunt has truly begun for me on sourcing products that work, and I can review and recommend to people who are moving to clean beauty. There is a shift the world over to create and formulate skincare products that are not harmful and non-toxic.

Products are being formulated every day with actives that are set to work, beauty brands seek to distinguish themselves by going to great lengths of identifying ingredients that perform. There is also a movement to make it simple for the readers to read the labels on beauty products.


Less is Better

Women the world over are looking for better and high – performing serums, moisturizers, and creams with the latest “best ingredients” in the hope that they will be more effective than the last product they tried. There is a better way of enjoying the skincare products without breaking the bank and buying products you don’t really need.

The sustainability in beauty is becoming the most talked about topic, beauty trends are more going the natural, eco- route and everyone from millennials, beauty experts, influencers are looking for better and high-performing skin care products.

What to avoid in skincare

The green beauty movement is looking at using plant-based, naturally derived ingredients that perform well. When you are looking at switching to natural products, look out for these nasties – parabens, silicones, propylene glycol, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), toluene, formaldehyde, fragrance. When you are looking for skincare products you have to look at the labels and if you don’t understand you can look at the Environmental Working Group website – (, for all the baddies you can avoid in your skincare routine.

When switching to safer skin care products you should ask yourself these questions:  

  • Which products should I buy for my daily beauty routine?
  • What are toxins ingredients in the products?
  • What effective ingredients should I look for in my beauty products?

The Natural Glow Effective:

We all have a skincare routine and almost always wear makeup on daily basis but I believe some days you have to let it breathe. If you are using too many products in your routine, it means you have too many ingredients that can create problems like breakouts, acne, and irritation on your skin.

Fewer products on your skin will make sure you have a beautiful, glowy and healthy skin. A simple routine is all you need and try not to put on makeup every day you will see a major difference in your skin. We can all achieve the healthy, glowy and beautiful skin if we only take good care of it by using products that are not harmful.





2 thoughts on “Why less is definitely more in skincare?

  1. Lovely post, Kele. I also look for skincare products with more natural ingredients but I’ve found it tricky to find products with none of the nasties in them. Or if they are completely natural, I find they don’t last as long because the preservatives aren’t there. Which natural products have you found that also keep fresh?

    1. Hi Lauren,

      Thank a lot. I have been trying different products because of my dry/sensitive skin, but I love Oh-Lief, Africology, Herbivore Botanicals and Juice Beauty. The trick is also in the make-up where I find myself using fewer make-up whiles I still research and try the ones that are non-toxic. I’m still researching the South African market for clean products, I will let you know if I discover any gem you can try.

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