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Sustainability in the Beauty Industry

The natural and Organic beauty revolution

The beauty industry is saturated with products that are harmful to our skin and health, most of these products contain carcinogens and toxins that are not good for our health. Consumers want to live a more holistic lifestyle, they are aware of all the hidden nasties in our personal care products and they demand transparency in the beauty industry. The natural and organic has been growing in leaps and bounds and the overall sales of these new niche sector have grown by 09% in 2017, with records set to rise in 2018.

The Natural and Organic Ingredients

Ingredients are what makes a product and in the natural and organic space, we have seen a rise in combining plant-based ingredients and superfoods. We are also seeing power ingredients like Argan oil, Marula oil, Shea Butter and Baobab oil to name a few that are wild-harvested in Africa make their way to big beauty companies around the world and are dominating in this space. Consumers are also doing extensive research about the type of ingredients listed in personal care products to know exactly what they put in their skin.

The natural and Organic movement

More and more consumers are doing their research as far as beauty is concerned. Information is at their fingertips because they can now research products, ingredients, companies online and on their mobiles. Women all over demand the best ingredients that are not harmful in their skincare, makeup, and overall personal care products. Organic beauty products are meant to be free of toxins and harmful chemicals, which means the sourcing of ingredients right through to packaging is safe for the consumer and safe for the environment. More reason for companies to align their ethos and manufacturing practices to the Eco-revolution, because clean beauty is definitely here to stay.


Eco-friendly Packaging

The rise in natural and organic personal care products has made it easy for small indie beauty brands to adopt the eco-conscious packaging way. Companies now either use glass bottles, fiber-based materials that are bio-degradable in their packaging because they want to make sure they preserve the potency of the ingredients versus if they were to use plastic. Most beauty companies are reducing their carbon footprint significantly if they opt for eco-friendly packaging methods. Most natural and organic beauty companies prefer glass bottles, refillable packaging, bamboo and recyclable paper for their product packaging which helps save the planet.

Solar powered Manufacturing Facility

There are companies who are thoughtful of the planet and the environment and in their quest to do their bit to save the planet, they use renewable energy and solar powered manufacturing facilities through wind-powered facilities and different methods of renewable energy. There is a major concern in pollution and what better way to use alternative means of energy to manufacture these beauty products. We hope that many manufacturers will up their game when it comes to Eco-manufacturing practices.


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