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Welcome to my blog – Coco Beauty Fix, I am Kelebogile “Kele” Mrwashu and I live in Johannesburg South Africa. I am a lover of things natural beauty, lifestyle, wellness, and travel. I created this blog to innovate, communicate and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and consumers who love natural and clean beauty products.

I love beauty products and taking good care of my skin and I have since moved from mass-market brands to using natural and clean, eco-conscious skincare products.



Things I love and my move to the natural beauty

I love to read, as they say, knowledge is power, and no one can take it away from you. This year I want to read at least 50 books on entrepreneurship, wellness and beauty, well am on number two. HAHAHAHA, I’ll get there.

I’m taking my health seriously and now I am embarking on a journey of healthier beauty and wellness lifestyle. The beauty market is sooooo saturated with skincare and makeup products and it can get pretty overwhelming just trying to find the right products for your skin, which are made natural or organic so I hope my blog will provide much-needed help to regard the best and truly natural skincare products.



I want to help consumers discover the best in natural/organic skin care :
I love the green and sustainable beauty and lifestyle movement because it means that more and more people are changing their lifestyle habits, how they live and the way we have all becoming conscious and impacting our environment. I decided a conscious decision to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and that included changing my skin/makeup cabinet to all things green/Eco, natural and organic.

The fact that in skincare, there are ingredients that are banned but big mass brands still being used in our personal care products, is another factor that makes us decide to go the natural route, where we look at product labeling, packaging and the fact that the products live up to its claims. When I realized that maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle had a tremendous impact on my health I decided to document my journey online in order to help others who are looking at changing their lifestyles.

Thank you for visiting!!!

Love, Kele

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